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Learn About Mounding

Mounding is basically a method of adding a layer that retains moisture around the base of the plant so as to stimulate new root growth. It is important to take note of the fact that aside from stimulating the growth of the new roots, mounting also helps to protect the new roots that grow and develop later on. Another thing that you ought to know about mounding is the fact that it helps to create a very large root zone which is usually very vital to most plants.

The robust root zone that emerges from mounding will then ensure that the plant has tolerant to drought. You should also know that mounding is a proven gardening tip that is old as the hills. It is a fact that mounding is basically or commonly practiced in the cool and wet areas but people should be aware of the fact that it could be successful in very many regions. This article highlights the advantages of mounding.

Firstly, mounding ensures that the raised heap of soil gets to become warmer faster than the surrounding soil. This is because it allows the raised soil to access sun rays and also air. In this way, you get to begin your planting season way earlier. So if you are the kind of gardener who loves to begin things earlier, you should embrace mounding.

Aside from ensuring that the alleviated soil is warmer than the surrounding soil, mounding also ensures that the excess moisture gets to drain away from the seeds and the plants. Whenever you use mounding to plant crops, the seeds will be protected from rotting every other time that the heavy rains fall.

Thirdly, mounding makes soil less compacted. When you use mounding as a technique in your garden, you will notice that the plants will be able to access the air pockets and nutrients since the soil will be less compacted. The advantage that comes with the loose soil is that it enables the plant to develop a very large and healthy root system. If you are a farmer in the dry regions, you should not practice mounding because the water that the plant may seek so much could be drained away. If you want mounding to help you in the dry areas, you should make sure that you are always watering the plant. If you are a farmer who wants better results upon their farms, you should ensure that you mound your plants.

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