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The Merits And Demerits Of Hydroelectric Energy Investment

Hydroelectric energy is produced when flowing water is allowed to move through running turbines which then generates electrical energy. Hydroelectric power generation is the first renewable source of energy at a large-scale level in the U.S and it accounted to more than thirty-per cent of the country’s energy requirements way back in the 1940s.Today the hydropower contributes around 6% of the power needs of the United States because of the increased investment in other energy sources.

Hydroelectric energy generation comes with both advantages and disadvantages and it is important that these environmental and economic implications be understood well before making a decision on whether or not to invest in the hydropower generation.

Explained below are some of the pros of making investments on the hydroelectric power generation. The first advantage is that the resource to be used that is water is free and can be readily accessed as compared to fossil fuels which are hard to come by and expensive. The second reason why you should consider investing in hydroelectric power generation is because of its high efficiency in converting captured energy to electrical energy which stands at around 90%.The third attractive thing about hydroelectric power generation is that it has no water,air or land pollution which makes it better as compared to other forms of energy which contributes to global warming and causes other environmental pollution.The fourth advantage of investing in the hydroelectric energy is that the process is renewable because when water which is used to run turbines evaporates,it falls back naturally as rain. The fifth advantage of investing in the hydroelectric energy is that it improves the quality of the environment by contributing to quality water for irrigation and providing larger and better habitats for aquatic life.The sixth good side of making investments on hydroelectric energy is the ability to continuously meet new demands through putting up additional power plants in the already existing hydropower dams. The seventh advantage of investing in hydroelectric power generation is that the investor can also set up recreational facilities in addition to power generation which attracts holidaymakers for camping,water sports and fishing.As compared to other sources of energy such as natural gas or coal,hydroelectric energy is more cost-effective.

The disadvantages of investing in hydroelectric energy has the following disadvantages.First,the process of hydroelectric power generation has the potential to destroy natural habitats. The second con is that the hydroelectric power generation have been known to emit some reasonable quantities of Carbon IV oxide and methane as a result of rotting of trees and plants without the use of oxygen in the the power plant. The dependence of the hydropower on heavy rain to optimally generate energy,the risk of flooding it poses on the surrounding settlements and the expensive nature of installation are some other disadvantages of hydroelectric energy investment.

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