How to Control Mosquitoes Around Your Pond

Mosquito are a natural part of lake life. Unfortunately, they become a nuisance when out of control. The critters can disturb your peace and spread disease. However, you can do certain things to eliminate your critter problem. Read on tofind out how mosquito pond treatment can control insects around your pond.

Produce Water Movement

If you pay attention, then you can see that mosquitoes do not like moving water. The movement of the water does not work well with the insect’s life cycle. A female mosquito lays her eggs in stagnant water. This water is filled with bacteria, algae, fungi and plankton. The eggs eventually hatch in this water, which leads to the pupae and larvae thriving. This leads to more adult mosquitoes to populate the area. You can stop this cycle with an aeration system.

Apply Prevention Products

You want to use a prevention product that get rid of the insect larvae growing in your pond. Prevention products are most effective when it contains Bacillus thuringiensis, which is a harmless bacterium. If the larva ingests the bacteria, then it becomes sick and die. This bacteria only affects the targeted organisms. You can have an aquatic management services to apply applications during mosquito season. These applications can reduce the production of larvae.

Eliminate Food Source

When a larva is developing, it needs algae to fuel its rapid growth to adulthood. If you want to decrease your mosquito population, then you need to get rid of its food source. Muck reducers can break down the waste at the bottom of your pond. Algaecide can get rid of suspended plant matter. These things should reduce your insect problems.

Adult mosquitoes live in the vegetation and plants around the shoreline. You can get rid of the insect by trimming and clearing out the aquatic weeds and grasses. Herbicide is a way to kill grasses and aquatic weeds. You can also use a rake or another tool to remove the overgrowth and dead plants. It helps to talk to a professional to find ways to keep insects under control around your property.