Leaks Are Common Problems With Commercial Roofs

All roofs must be maintained, whether they are on your home or business. The failure to do so can create problems that will be expensive. Of course, there may come a time when there is no other option but to replace the roof. However, some problems can be dealt with and prevent costly repairs.

How to Find the Leaks

One of the most frustrating problems with a roof is a leak that you cannot find. When your roof is maintained regularly, this reduces the chance that it will develop a leak. Water coming into your building can have serious consequences. You may have inventory that can be damaged. It also creates hazards for employees.

When water stands on the roof for more than 48 hours, this can become a major problem. This is known as “ponding”. The problem could be as simple as the water not draining off the roof properly. However, if it is not corrected, this puts additional weight on the roof, and it could collapse. Biebel Brothers Roofing is one example of roofing contractors st charles county mo.

Flat Roofs

Many commercial buildings have flat roofs that hold heating and cooling units. From time to time, it is necessary for workers to walk on the roof to access the units. Sometimes, punctures can occur from the traffic on the roof. This is another reason it is so important to have the roof inspected regularly to detect any damage that needs repairing.

One of the most common problems of commercial roofs is the installation. If your business needs a new roof, always do your homework on the contractor. They should be licensed and know the building codes in your area.

Ask for references, and check them. Do they offer a warranty? How long have they been in business? Are they insured? If not, you could be liable for damage or personal injury. Choosing the right roof contracting company for the job can make the difference in a quality roof that will last for many years and the need to have it replaced again in a short time.