The Importance of Windows and Why We Need Them

Windows add a lot to your day. If you’ve ever tried to see through a dark or dirty window it’s almost annoying how your view is ruined. A window is like a big secret opening that only you can see out of. They have a way of letting us know what’s going on in the world. Windows allow us to stay safe, see outside, and get some fresh air.

Stay Safe

Strong windows keep us safe from intruders. They also provide added shelter from inclement weather. Last year we had a very strong hurricane rip through our town. We were so lucky to have the storm windows as well as shutters. Storm windows not only shield you from the weather, but they also reduce the amount of noise you hear from busy streets on the outside. Lastly, their insulation also adds energy-savings for your home. Even though our windows are unique in what they provide us, we usually lean towards something like vinyl windows lincoln, ne. The vinyl material doesn’t need paint and they are quite durable.

See Outside

Looking outside you can see people walking by, cars driving by, and sometimes you even catch strange things happening. The interesting thing is you can only see as far and wide as the window frame will allow. The rest of the picture is closed off to our imagination. The bay windows we have in our living room allow us to see a little bit more of what is happening out in front of our home. It’s the widest view in the whole house. The window itself has a nice style to it also.

Fresh Air

There is a big difference between the air you receive from your air conditioning unit inside and the air you breathe in when you hit the outdoors. You can smell it all from the trees to the people and sometimes even the animals. The wind blows by and there’s a level of freshness that is mixed in with all of the things that life exposes you to in the outdoors. I had casement windows installed in my office. I mostly used my office for my writing projects. These windows swing outward and are great to allow the fresh air to come in and help me gather my thoughts. I also feel great with the energy from the natural light. The afternoon sun really fuels my imagination and I am most creative at that early afternoon time of day.

Windows are so important to our everyday lives. They help us feel human in a sense. We take for granted the ability to be able to look outside. It’s not until I’m in a room that is closed off from the world that I really feel like something is missing. I can’t really place what’s missing in my mind, but as I reflect I do believe it’s simply the window. Windows provide us with safety, a view outside, and fresh air.