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Reasons Why You Should Visit Costa Rica

In case you are over the fence concerning your destination location then Costa Rica can make things for you. There are many reasons why you should visit this beautiful country. First of all, there are great accommodation deals, whether you are traveling alone or with your family. There are many sites you can look for deals and book way early in advance. In research that sought to know the happiest countries in the world, Costa Rica came high up in the list. When you are happy, you feel more lively and also young and you do not have to buy that but rather get a ticket to Costa Rica. It is a peaceful country which also treasures peace and that is why there is no army in Costa Rica. The army was abolished back in 1949. The fact that it has been peaceful for all those decades without an army should even make you more excited to be there. The peace in the country is also the reason why the University of Peace for the UN was established in Costa Rica.

The life expectancy in Costa Rica is also high. The average life expectancy is 79 years. There are even regions of the country which record a life expectancy of 100 years. Even the most powerful nations in the world and the economic bulldozers have not recorded such high numbers in their life expectancy. When talking about the literacy rates, Costa Rica numbers are about 97. There is so much to see in the country including witnessing the hatching of turtles. Many people visiting the country get to indulge in such an experience. If you love water rafting then you will get to enjoy it excessively in Costa Rica. For the lovers of surfing, the sea is always welcoming and if you find an accommodation close to the ocean then you get to do it all through the day and even during the night. Costa Rica has recorded the highest number of species of the hummingbirds which make it a great vacation location for people who have a love for birds. Any beach lover will be right at home in Costa Rica given the many beautiful and white sandy beaches. The flight tickets to this country are quite manageable no matter the continent you are coming from. Actually, it is the most affordable country to fly to in Central America. Flight tickets are the reason why many people do not travel but you do not have to break the bank if you decide to take your vacation to Costa Rica.

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